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Kern Advocatuur is a law firm specialised in corporate and commercial law, construction and real estate law, employment law and the provision of interim legal services.

The services of Kern Advocatuur can best be described as quick and thorough, a pro-active approach, clear arrangements and a competitive fee structure.

Kern Advocatuur has been established with the purpose of providing its clients with tailor made advice. After all, every case is different. Quick and to-the-point, is the best characterisation of the legal services provided by Kern Advocatuur. The tailor made approach does not only apply to the legal services itself, but also to respective fees.

For each case an appropriate fee will be agreed upon with the client. Such an appropriate fee can be a reduced fee but also a fixed price or a fee quote for among others the drafting of a contract or general terms and conditions.

Construction and Real Estate Law
Corporate and Commercial Law
Employment Law
Interim services